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Wood Garage Doors

Clopay - Clasic Wood

Clopay LogoModel 44 - Raised Panel
Model 20/10 - Recessed Panel
Model 32/33 - Flush Panel

Wood Panels Design
Windows Design
Wood Species & Materials

Model 44 Raised Panel

1-3/8” section thickness
Long or short panels w/ optional windows
Paint or Stain grade wood
Hemlock, Cedar or Redwood

    Hemlock Wood Frame
   Hemlock Wood Frame     Hemlock Wood Frame
   W/smooth Luan Panel       W/Hardboard Panel
Model 20/10 Recessed Panel

1-3/8” section thickness
Long or short panel
Paint or Stain grade wood
Hemlock wood frame

Smooth Luan Plywood              ough Sawn Hardboard
           Panel                            or Fir Plywood Panel
Model 32/33 Flush Panel

3-layer construction
Paint or Stain grade wood
Fir exterior panel
Energy efficient insulation


 Wood Panels Design


Windows Design

Wood Species and Materials

Redwood offers a characteristic red to pink color through the heartwood, and it contains a grown –in resistance to decay and insects that is present through the entire piece of wood. Redwood contains tannic acid and requires the use of tannin-blocking primer to avoid discoloration when it comes into contact with moisture.
Excellent: Stainability, Weatherability
Good: Color consistency, Dimensional Stability, Strength

Western Red Cedar
Western Red Cedar withstands the natural elements making it an ideal wood species for a garage door in any climate. Suitable for staining and painting, natural cedar exhibits a wide variation of grain patterns and color, from nearly white to pink to dark brown, often within the same board. Cedar also contains tannic acid, and requires the use of tanning-blocking primer to avoid discoloration when it comes into contact with moisture.
Excellent: Stainability, Weatherability
Good: Dimensional Stability, Strength
Fair: Color consistency

Hemlock is an economical wood choice for all types of home. The unfinished wood is a yellowish white color with a consistent tone and grain. Hemlock is the strongest wood species and it is inherently rot-resistance. However, hemlock has a low resistance to environmental change and will expand and contract within the panel of the door.
Excellent: Color consistency, Strength, Stainability
Fair: Dimensional Stability, Weatherability

Luan Plywood
Luan Plywood is an economical alternative to wood panels that can be strained or painted. Luan is also known as imported hardwood.
Excellent: Dimensional Stability
Fair: Color consistency, Stainability, Weatherability

MDO Plywood (Medium Density Overlay)
Medium Density Overlay Plywood, or MDO, is used as a grooved or smooth panel material. Rated for exterior, MDO consist for a core material, overlaid with a pressed fiber material and weighs less full MDF, making it suitable for this particular application. The smooth surface is ideal for grain-free, professional quality paint finish. MDO Plywood cannot be stained.
Excellent: Color consistency, Dimensional Stability, Weatherability

MDF Plywood (Medium Density Fiberboard) and Hardboard
Medium Density Fiberboard, or MDF, and hardboard, is a composite wood product made of wood fibers glued together with resin, heat, and pressure. It is appropriate for many applications because it is smooth, uniform, and will not wrap. MDF is ideal for painting, but it cannot be stained. It is used by raised panel material.
Excellent: Color consistency
Good: Dimensional Stability
Fair: Weatherability

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