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Garage Door Parts

Supply, Install and Repair Garage Door and Opener Parts

Garage Door Springs




Garage Door Springs
There are two kinds of Garage Door Springs: Torsion Springs and Extension Springs. The torsion spring is wound up above the door to the wall. Two springs are stretched from the center of the door. If one of them is broken it is recommended to replace both to save another service call.
The extension springs run along the upper tracks in both sides of the garage. They extend/stretch when the door is open/closed. When the door is closed, the springs are fully extended and can carry a 400 pound door. It is recommended to do a periodically checkup of the springs tension since the springs may become looser after many liftings.


       Garage Door Sensors


Garage Door Safety Sensors
The gaeage door sensor consists of electric eyes mounted on the door track, six inches above the floor. If anything blocks the path  of the electric eye, the door will stop and reverse. The opener will not work if the sensors are not working or are out of alignment. 


   Garage Door Roller


Garage Door Rollers
The rollers operate as the door wheels, each roller binds to a hinge that connected to a door panel. The roller locked into the track and runs along the track. The track curves up the bottom and keep the wheels in place.
Garage Door Roller can range from a solid nylon wheel with no ball bearings to high end sealed ball
Rollers typically wear out before hinges.


    Garage Door Tracks 

Garage Door Tracks
Garage Door Tracks must be properly aligned to guide the rollers and the door into place. An unbalanced garage door can bend, dent  or damaged the tracks. 

  Garage Door Hinges


Garage Door Hinges
The primary support system for your garage door panels are the hinges and they also provide a stabilized accessible mounting bracket for the rollers. When hinges begin to wear out or malfunction the garage door will not operate efficiently and this can often be responsible or associated with several other door problems.

 Garage Door T-Lock 

Garage Door T-Lock
Allow an opener to disengaged so the door operates manually from outside the garage. It is recommended for use where the garage door is the only entry point into the garage.

 Garage Door Bottom Seal


Garage Door Bottom Seal
The rubber seal along the bottom of a steel garage door keeps water and debris from entering your garage. Over time this rubber gasket becomes dry and brittle as it's subjected to temperature changes and weather. A damaged garage door seal won't harm your door but it's best to change this bottom seal as soon as you notice any deterioration. 


    Garage Door Pulleys


Garage Door Pulleys
There are four pulleys on a garage door frame, two mounted in a stationary position on the frame above either side of the garage door frame, and two moveable pulleys attached to the springs on either side of the door.
One of the most common garage door hardware problems is worn out pulleys. The stationary pulleys get the most wear, because the cable exerts sideways force on them. If one has become excessively worn, it is recommended to replace both.




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